What are the benefits of 3D printing?


Lots of people have heard about 3D printing and they know exactly what it is. However, many people are still uncertain about the great benefits that come from using 3D printing for their business. There are many reasons why 3D printing would be an advantage to your business and here we have listed some of them:

Produce new products rapidly

3D printing enables you to create new products and innovate much faster than traditional methods. You will be able to produce prototypes rapidly and have the opportunity to spot any design flaws that can be easily corrected. This will therefore enable you to get your product to the shop floor much sooner. You can create multiple products all at the same time or a single large product, rapidly. You can also create intricate, highly detailed products that are difficult or even impossible using traditional tooling methods for instance dental prostheses or hearing aids.

Reduce the cost of design

3D printing enables you to lower the cost of your product’s design. You can create many different variations of your prototypes in house. This will enable you to spot any design flaws and quickly correct them and it will also provide you with the opportunity to select what you think will be the best design for your product.

You can improve your design ideas

Thanks to 3D printing you have the opportunity to share your product ideas visually with others. This will give other people the chance to see what you’re hoping your product will become and they may be able to offer you some of their own ideas, as to how you could improve your product’s design.

Get more business

3D printing enables you to get your product out there much faster than traditional methods. This will greatly increase your chances of gaining more business. You have the chance to model concepts right at the beginning of the design process.

3D printing reduces the risk of new product set ups

You can reduce the risk of new product launches thanks to 3D printing. You will be able to create realistic prototypes of your final product for focus groups. This will allow you all to discuss the product before it is launched onto the market. This will enable you to get your product onto the shop floor, before anyone else does.

Sell your product sooner

3D printing allows you to rapidly design the product that you have in mind and enables you to quickly spot any design flaws, which can be just as quickly corrected. 3D printing saves you a lot of time when it comes to design and this allows you to develop your prototype much faster than traditional methods. 3D printing is rapid. It allows you to create single or multiple products in a matter of hours rather than days, weeks or even months and this will enable you to get your product out onto the market faster than other methods.

3D printing gives you the power to design and create your product at rapid speeds. This means you can begin selling your product before manufacturing delivers it.

We hope you’ve learned more about 3D printing and the many benefits that it can bring to your business. 3D printing is fast, cheap and gives you the opportunity to get your ideas out there, faster than other methods.

3D printing really will change the way in which you work. It allows you to increase production, reduce costs and streamline your workflow.

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