FabPro 1000

Introducing The FabPro 1000

Thanks to the FabPro 1000, industrial grade 3D printing can be now be redefined. When it comes to 3D printing this new and exciting 3D printer definitely raises the bar. You can expect to achieve high quality parts in lightening fast speeds and so increasing your productivity and workflow. The FabPro 1000 boasts surprisingly low operating costs and is very simple to operate.

The perfect choice for jewellery making and engineering

The FabPro 1000 will be the ideal choice for jewellery manufacturing and engineering. It excels at low volume, small part prototyping and direct 3D production. You can achieve outstanding results across a wide range of high quality materials.

Four times faster high speed throughput

With the FabPro 1000 you can expect lightening fast speeds when compared with competing systems. It features up to four times faster high throughput which will enable you to create higher quality parts that boast high precision and a smooth surface finish.

Makes desktop 3D printing more accessible and affordable

The FabPro 1000 has been specifically developed for material efficiency and repeatable, consistent run times. This makes desktop 3D printing much more affordable and accessible than ever before.

Experience beginning to end simplicity

The ProFab 1000 offers you a simple operating experience, thanks to 3D Sprint. Prepping, printing and monitoring is easy to do and will save you a great amount of time. File configuration, post processing and material loading have been streamlined, which will allow you to enjoy a much simpler user experience.

Quality materials

The ProFab 1000 materials have been designed for quality and accuracy. Whether it’s from castable resins to tough engineering plastics, the ProFab 100 will create quality parts, in super fast time.

Industrial durability and reliability

The ProFab 1000 really is a desktop powerhouse and offers you both reliability and durability in a compact platform. It will deliver the professional quality you’ll need for your business, time and time again, saving you time and money.


FabPro 1000

FabPro 1000

3D Systems The FabPro 1000

3D Systems The FabPro 1000

FabPro 1000 by 3D Systems

FabPro 1000 by 3D Systems

The FabPro 1000

The FabPro 1000

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