The all in one software solution for metal 3D manufacturing

3DXpert is an all in one software solution that is suitable for metal additive manufacturing. With 3DXpert you can address all your metal 3D printing requirements, thanks to this integrated solution. You can optimize and prepare parts, which will enable you to rapidly print quality parts in record time.

3DXpert is a single integrated solution for the whole metal additive manufacturing process. There is no longer the need for many different solutions to get the job completed successfully, as 3DXpert does it all for you. 3DXpert really does have everything you’re going to need.

You can import part data, optimize the geometry and lattice creation, calculate the scan path, arrange the build platform, sending it to the 3D printer and also the machining on the final product when it’s necessary. You can achieve all of this with just the one software and that’s 3DXpert.

Work with any geometry for greater speed, agility and quality

With 3DXpert you can seamlessly work with both B-rep (solid or surfaces) and mesh triangulation formats, for instance STL. You can save on valuable time and have greater flexibility to make any changes to the model, at any time during the additive manufacturing process, by using history based parametric tools. You can estimate the need to convert solid or surface data into mesh and greatly improve data quality and also integrity.

The ultimate combination of full user control and automation

3DXpert offer you the perfect mix of tools for automating repetitive tasks, while controlling each and every parameter and aspect of the whole design and manufacturing process. You can get even more form your 3D printer by using the pre defined best practice parameters for each 3D printer, print strategy and materials. You also have the option of developing your own printing strategies with unprecedented control.

Optimal print strategies to save time and ensure quality

With 3DXpert you can assign optimal print strategies to different zones. You can automatically fuse them into one scan path to greatly reduce print time while still maintain part integrity. The unique and diverse printing strategies take into account the part geometry and design intent. This will enable you to create an effective scan path that will help to address the challenges of 3D metal printing.

3D Xpert

3D Xpert

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